Fog in the Gondwana rainforest of the Dorrigo escarpment

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About us

     Spirit of the Rainforest has evolved over the last 20 odd years  – originally created as a commercial grower of any Australian rainforest plant  – now encouraging the growing of plants found naturally in the grower’s region. In our case, we generally restrict ourselves to plants found in the rainforest of the Nambucca Valley of New South Wales.  We walk in those rainforests, we photograph those rainforests, we attempt to emulate those rainforests in the plantings on our property.

On the 6th of December, 2019 a catastrophic fire swept through the valleys surrounding our property. This was the Kian Road fire. Along with volunteer fire crews, we stayed and defended our house from this monster of a fire. Many houses were lost. Ours was saved. The accommodation building also survived intact. The nursery was completely destroyed. All of our 30 year old rainforest plantings and the Davidson Plum orchard were torched. As I am writing this, it is Christmas Day. We are having some lovely showers of rain. Clouds have come down on the mountains and enveloped the forests in their soothing touch.

At this stage, we don’t know what will survive in the plantings or the orchard. Time will tell.

We have already started the process of cleaning up the property. Seeds have been sown to replenish our plantings.

We planted an orchard of Davidson Plum way back in 1998 – our Davidson Plum Jam is superb!

Photography is of great interest to us. Most of the images on this website were taken by Calumn. Check out his own site, calumnh.com

About to climb a strangler fig