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                                                            The Davidson Plum Orchard

The Davidson Plum orchard has about 300 trees, the North Queensland ( Davidsonia pruriens ) species generally fruiting in our winter and the Northern New South Wales ( Davidsonia jerseyana ) species fruiting around December.

The amount of fruit available would extend into the many, many hundreds of kilos each season.

We also grow both species of Davidson Plum from seed – these are produced as either tubestock or in 150 mm pots. These are available for growing in the home garden or for a commercial orchard.

The orchard was planted in 1998. In a harsh, bare north-facing paddock subject to strong sun and winds in spring and summer, and some heavy frosts in winter. Exactly the wrong place to grow an understory rainforest tree. But with a lot of tender loving care, time, and a degree of good fortune, the orchard is an example of how resilient and beautiful our native rainforest trees can be. The orchard is now surrounded by extensive plantings of other rainforest trees.

The harvested fruit is deseeded, put through a blender, and then made into a superbly delicious Davidson Plum Jam – enjoy it simply as a jam ( toast or scones), or  be more adventuous and use it with a roast dinner, with icecream, or even as a dollop on a piece of your favourite chocolate. We use the blended raw fruit together with some yoghurt on our breakfast cereals.

Seeds from the fruit of the Davidson Plum have at least a couple of important uses. Some are dried and stored – then later used to make a tea in conjunction with some sliced ginger and dried lemon myrtle leaves. Excellent waking-up drink in the early morning.

The majority of the seeds are, of course, used to propagate even more Davidson Plum trees. We are growing both Davidsonia jerseyana and Davidsonia pruriens, initially as tubestock, then progressing them into 150 mm pots. Some will be planted back into our own orchard. Most will be available to the home gardener and commercial  orchardist.  Contact us for details.